Table Tennis

Established by The British in 1885, The Nellore Club is one of the oldest clubs in India. Located on a lush, green, 22 acre campus, the Club’s century old Main Club House, carefully and aesthetically maintained, has been given Heritage status by the Nellore Urban Development Authority. Some of the trees growing on campus, are over 100 years old and still proudly play host to a variety of chirping birds, making the club an oasis of calm in the middle of the hustle-bustle of the busy city.

Up until 1947 only British Citizens were allowed to be President, and only a handful of high ranking Nellore nobility were offered membership in The Nellore Club.

Today, The Club has a 8000 strong membership in all categories of members and over 30,000 potential members. The Membership spans all walks of life, including Military Officers, Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Police Officials, Erstwhile-Royalty, Professionals, Scientists and Businessmen.

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